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About Me

My name is Alex Cachia [Ka-KEE-Ah] and I am a full stack web and database developer from Canterbury, Kent.

Since obtaining a BSc in Computer Science, I have gone on to create eCommerce sites, database systems and document management systems for a wide range of clients across Kent.

My aim is to provide simple-to-use, web-based data solutions for SMEs that are fully responsive and entirely bespoke using a combination of techologies.

As well as developing new systems I also provide bug fixes and maintenance to existing sites. This includes, but not limited to: data input, PHP/WordPress errors and new features

Alex Cachia | Freelance Web and Database Developer


  • CodeIgniter
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JQuery/JavaScript
  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • React
  • SQL
  • Wordpress
  • Vue

Fun Facts

  • Short (around 5'2)
  • Crazy coloured hair
  • Half Maltese
  • Loves anime, SciFi and heavy metal music


codeHarbour logo

In January 2019 I took over as coordinator for a tech meetup based in Kent called codeHarbour, making me the first woman to be part of the management team in its 5-year history.

The aim of codeHarbour is to bring those with a passion for computing and other similar disciplines together once a month for a night of technical talks and networking.

These events are available to all ages and technological backgrounds and are funded solely by our wonderful sponsors:

  • The Creative Foundation
  • Holiday Extras

Interests & Achievements



Web Design

I can develop custom websites using the latest technologies such as PHP and javascript to provide a responsive solution which can perform functionality specific to the client. From booking systems to enquiry screens, I aim to provide a high quality of work for each bespoke project I undertake.

Database Management

When first developing a website it is important to consider the data needed to support the system. I offer a database management service alongside web development which will allow the database to be managed efficiently and to be fully integrated with your new website.

Social Media

Developing an online presence is an important part of any business and one such area of this is a good familiarity with social media platforms. I therefore provide support for setting up and maintaining social networks as well as incoporating these within my web solutions.

Bug Fixes

No system is perfect however with the correct coding knowledge these errors can be tackled. I pride myself on being able to correct issues within existing systems and enjoy the challenge!


Basic Website

  • Basic pages with minimal javascript
  • All webpages are mobile and cross browser friendly

Interactive Website

  • Multiple pages with complex designs
  • Functionality such as searching and paging provided

CMS Website

  • Multiple pages with complex designs
  • Database design and integration
  • Web based interface included for database maintenance
  • Login encryption
  • SSL Certificate provided

eCommerce Website

All of the features included in the CMS website as well as:
  • Checkout process
  • Shipping setup
  • Payment Processor
  • Email confirmation process


"Alex was very helpful over an issue we had with a software platform. She was professional and friendly. "
"A huge thank you for such incredible partnership! We thought it would be almost impossible that anyone would be able to translate the vision we had for the site so perfectly and we cannot thank you enough for the diligence and attention to detail that you have given to our concept. You have been a joy to work with, always there to listen to new ideas and a keen willingness to make sudden changes. I hope you take great pride in what you have created and recognise the impact it has the potential to have, on so many of Kent's students. It's simply brilliant and for that, we cannot thank you enough. It was so good to see how you have created such a wonderful site for us, how well it works and how it surpasses all we could have hoped for and will form the basis of some significant work, inspiring young people, for years to come. You have been a true delight to work with and we are so appreciative of the detailed efforts you have made and hope it will be the first of many years of our partnership."
John Tranter, EBP KENT
"Alex worked with futureCodersSE on the production of a prototype app called WhatsItLike. I was particularly keen to work with Alex, having taught her a number of years ago and having seen the great work she has done with CodeHarbour. Her brief was very vague, the project was quite experimental at that stage, and I wanted her to write it using React so that I could more easily take it to the next stage. This was at quite an early stage of her use of React and so the job was demanding, especially as we could only work on a part-time basis. Alex delivered, did lots of learning and more than met expectations. I hope that we will be able to work with Alex on a future project. "
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